Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hey Hey hey

Hello I am Fashionista Jane. I got this name from a book called Pies & Prejudice and if you read the book I think you would understand if you have ever read the book. The author is Heather Vogel Frederick. I enjoy fashion and writing and I hope you love this blog! Anyway, my friend and I are huge fans of Selena Gomez and (me more less...) Justin Bieber. I loved what Selena and Justin wore on the Oscar's:

I really love her dress and his black suit. As fair as I know they should be getting married in the next five years (because they are wayyyy to young to get married, don't you think??)

I know some of you guys have idols and I have one too. Her name is Coco Chanel. Her is a picture if you have never seen her:

Did you know she was the one who thought or brought out sailor stripes and pearls?? I have to go so BYE!

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