Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

 Happy Mother's Day! I have a special shout out to my mom! Thanks mom you rock and I love you.

Do you know On the Street? It is something that New York Times offers about fashion. My mom loves it. They only post it on Sundays. Here is today's:

On the Street | Mad Hats

Thursday, May 5, 2011

City Clothes

 I have never really payed attention to what people wear around the city, until Tuesday. I took pictures with my cell phone and sketched them so you guys could see the people I saw(sadly I don't have email on my phone, so I have to draw them...) I loved each one of their sense of style. So here are three women:


The frist one was that she was wearing a totally cream colored outfit. She had dark brown hair to match her look. The poncho was the best yet. In the second picture she is wearing a black jacket made of leather. She had black flats and cool (and I want to say sweet...) purse that made her look. If it weren't for that the scarf brightens her look. The last women in this picture is wearing a gray sweater and yeallow shirt. The black leggings make her look comfortable and cute.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hey Hey hey

Hello I am Fashionista Jane. I got this name from a book called Pies & Prejudice and if you read the book I think you would understand if you have ever read the book. The author is Heather Vogel Frederick. I enjoy fashion and writing and I hope you love this blog! Anyway, my friend and I are huge fans of Selena Gomez and (me more less...) Justin Bieber. I loved what Selena and Justin wore on the Oscar's:

I really love her dress and his black suit. As fair as I know they should be getting married in the next five years (because they are wayyyy to young to get married, don't you think??)

I know some of you guys have idols and I have one too. Her name is Coco Chanel. Her is a picture if you have never seen her:

Did you know she was the one who thought or brought out sailor stripes and pearls?? I have to go so BYE!